Nigerian Legal jargons and Acronyms For First Year Law Students


One of the most striking things you notice about law in your first year as a law student is the endless list of confusing legal jargons and acronyms that your lecturers dictate to you every day of class. You will also realize that law reports, journals and certain core statutes are abbreviated (the reason for this still eludes me) and your lecturers would act as though you already knew them without really taking the time to explain their full meaning to you. So it then means you have to learn them on your own and this can be difficult without any external help.

So if this your first year (IL) as a law student, you might find the list below of legal jargons and acronyms and their full meanings very helpful only that they apply specifically to law students in Nigeria. Sorry if I don’t have any yet for other jurisdiction. Here are just a few Nigerian legal acronyms and jargons for our law fresher’s

NIALS Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
ICLQ International and Comparative Law Quarterly
LQR Law Quarterly Review


MLR Modern Law Review
Nig.BJ Nigerian Bar journal
Nig.LJ Nigerian Law Journal
LRCN Law Reports of the Courts of Nigeria
All FWLR All Federation Weekly Law Reports
NWLR Nigeria Weekly Law Reports


All NLR All Nigeria Law Reports


CCHCJ Certified Judgments of the High Court of Lagos State
NMLR Northern Nigeria Law Reports
WNLR Western Nigeria Law Reports


MJSC Monthly Judgments of the Supreme Court
NCLR Nigerian Commercial Law Reports
CCCHCJ Certified Cyclostyled Copies of High Court of Lagos State Judgments


FRN Federal Republic of Nigeria
Cap Chapter
UILR University of Ife Law Reports


WACA Selected Judgments of the West African Court of
SC Judgments of the Supreme Court
AC Appeal Cases
All ER ALL England Law Reports
App Cas Law Reports Appeal Cases
Ch Law Reports, Chancery
ER English Reports
LJ. Ch Law Journal, Chancery Reports
LJ. K.b Law Journal, Kings Bench Reports


Kb Law Reports, Kings Bench


QB Law Reports, Queens Bench


QBD. Law Reports, Queens Bench Division
LJ, QB Law Journal, Queens Bench Reports
WLR Weekly Law Reports


TLR Times Law Reports
LT Law Times
ALR COMM African Law Reports (Commercial Law Series)


EA East Africa Law Reports
CCA Criminal Code Act
CPA Criminal Procedure Act
CRA Child Rights Act
BOFID The Banks and other Financial Institutions Decree


LFN Laws of the Federation of Nigeria
CAMA Companies and Allied Matters Act


ISA Investment and Securities Act


MA Marriage Act


MCA Matrimonial Causes Act


CFRN Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria


SOGA Statutes of General Application
LPA Legal Practitioners Act



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