Global Center For Defence Of Human Rights Heartily Welcomes Conferees To #NBA- SPIDEL 2021 Conf.

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The Global Center for Defence of Human Rights gladly welcomes all conferees to the ancient city of Ibadan for the 2021 NBA- SPIDEL Annual Conference themed The Role of Public Interest in Governance.

In a statement signed by Nura Wada Esq, he noted that Public interest is the master key to the success of any government. 

“The constitution in it’s wisdom had rightly elevated the welfare and security of the citizens to be the primary purpose of government. 

“Therefore any government that toys with public interest is bound to fail. 

“The foregoing underscores the importance of this conference which is designed to bring together experts including both those in authority and the people they govern to critically interrogate our governance architecture towards the greater good of the society,” he stated. 

The group while wishing the organisers and all the attendees an exciting and successful conference, added that the following popular public interest centered publications, from their stable, shall be on sale at the conference.

1.Casebook on Human Rights Litigation in Nigeria
2. Human Rights Litigation in Nigeria. Law Practice & Procedure: With Forms and Precedents.
3. Rights of Suspects and Accused Persons under Nigeria Criminal Law.

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