NBA Nnewi Disciplinary Committee Finds  Fmr. Chairman, P. C. Ugwuanyi and A.A. Igwebuike, Complicit In Tampering With Attendance Register

The Disciplinary Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Nnewi Branch, has said that the immediate past Chairman of the Branch, P. C. Ugwuanyi alongside A. A. Igwebuike mutilated and tampered with the branch’s attendance register.

This is contained in a statement titled “MUTILATION OF AND TAMPERING WITH THE NBA NNEWI BRANCH ATTENDANCE REGISTER AS WELL AS AUDIT OF BRANCH ACCOUNT: COMMITTEES SUBMIT FINDINGS” made available to TheNigeriaLawyer signed by its Branch Publicity Secretary, Franklin C. Ofodeme who said the forgery was aimed at making it seem Igwebuike attended the Branch meeting more number of time he did.

Ofodeme said, “On the 28th day of May, 2021, during the monthly General Meeting of NBA Nnewi Branch, the Disciplinary Committee, set up pursuant to the resolution of the Branch presented their report to the Branch.

“The said committee was set up to determine whether the Attendance Register of the Branch was mutilated, altered or forged, during the build-up of the Branch election in 2020. The Committee was also to find out the motive for such alteration or mutilation (if the finding is in the affirmative), the person or persons involved and to make recommendations on the appropriate measures to be taken against the person or persons complicit.

“The said report of the Disciplinary Committee was presented by Nnamdi Chima Esq., the Committee Secretary. The Committee found that the Attendance Register was indeed altered and mutilated, that the motive was to make it seem like A.A Igwebuike Esq., attended the Branch Meeting more number of times than he actually did. The Committee also found that A.A Igwebuike Esq. and P.C Ugwuanyi Esq. (the immediate past Chairman of the Branch), were responsible for the act.”

Ofodeme said the Committee did not recommend any sanction, rather, it left it at the discretion of the General Meeting to determine appropriate disciplinary measures.

He said, “The Committee then recommended among other things, that the General Meeting of the Branch should determine the appropriate disciplinary measure to be taken against the persons found complicit.

“On the other hand, the Ad-hoc Audit Committee which had earlier on the 30th day of April, 2021 submitted their report, also presented a Follow-up Report. The General Meeting at the April General Meeting, resolved that the recommendation of the Ad-hoc Audit Committee based on their finding was inconclusive.

“Consequently, the Ad-hoc Audit Committee presented a Follow-up Report wherein they recommended that the immediate past Chairman of the Branch, P.C Ugwuanyi Esq., should refund to the Branch, the total sum of N1,140,000.00 (One Million, One Hundred and Forty Thousand Naira). The money is part of the money expended by him without approval of the General Meeting in line with Article 13(6) of the Nigerian Bar Association Uniform By-laws and without due explanation…

“The General Meeting resolved to adjourn deliberations on the two reports to the next Monthly General Meeting of the Branch.”

When TheNigerialawyer, contacted Ugwuanyi on the issue, he informed our correspondent that he has not received any letter from the Committee. He also said that he will respond when he gets the letter.

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