Presidential Appointment: Accusation Of Nepotism Is Old Story – Garba Shehu

*Says South-West Safest Part Of Nigeria
*Says Buhari Has Bought 26 New Aircrafts In Fight Against Insecurity

Presidential spokesperson, Mr Garba Shehu has said today that the issue of favoritism and nepotism when appointing government officials is an old story, saying that Nigerians will always accuse every government that comes to power of nepotism.

Garba Shehu was reacting to a question on true federalism during a live interview on Channels TV political Programme, Sunday Politics, where he noted that previous administrations were equally accused by Nigerians of nepotism noting that it is not new.

Quoting President Buhari’s statement in 2019, Channels Seun Okinbaloye quoted Buhari as saying, “True Federalism is the way to go.’

According to Seun, Many Nigerians have accused President Buhari of neglect when he makes appointments and the issue of the national spread of national character is always raised and many have also said that that is part of what has been fueling agitation in the country, how difficult is it for the president to make an appointment from other parts he has been neglecting?

Reacting, however, the presidential spokesperson, Garba Shehu said, “Let me tell you, this is an old story, wasn’t Obasanjo accused of it, didn’t they accused late Umaru Yardua and Jonathan? look Nigerians will accuse every government that comes to power of nepotism. in fact so long as they were not appointed themselves as individuals, they will be crying ethnicity and religion.”

“President Buhari is conscious of his responsibility to the constitution and the entire nation. when the numbers are published fully critics will be embarrassed to know that their states are the biggest beneficiaries of the appointment that the president has made so far,” he said.

“True federalism is on the way, constitution amendment is going on and the national assembly is keeping leadership on the matter, we will get there,” Garba Shehu said.

Fielding questions in a monitored programme on Channels Television, ‘Sunday Politics’ today, the presidential spokesman Garba Shehu said: “The military chiefs have been doing a lot of talking in the national assembly, but I will cite an example, we about receiving a dozen of Super Tucano aircraft which are most suitable for fighting the kind of insurgency we are faced with.

Beyond that we also have bought about a dozen, some have been delivered attacking helicopters from Russia and some are still in the line of delivery.

“When President Buhari came, this country didn’t have more than five aircraft, he brought 26, brand new aircraft, and about a dozen are on the way”.

Asked why the president was accused of nepotism, he added saying: “… this is an old story, was former president Obasanjo not accused of it, they accused president Yaradua and Jonathan. It is every government that comes that is accused of nepotism. The president is conscious of his responsibility to the constitution and to the entire nation. When they are published in full, some of the critics will be embarrassed that their states are the biggest beneficiaries of the appointment the president has made.

“On true federalism, we are on the way as the constitutional review is going on as the national assembly is meeting leadership on the matter” he stated.

Shehu also said Nigeria is now safer than it was in 2015 when his principal, Muhammadu Buhari took over power, noting that “Boko Haram is now on the fringes of Lake Chad”.

Responding to a question, the presidential aide said, “As far as Boko Haram terrorism is concerned, Nigeria is a safer place today than it was when we took over power.

“New challenges have come up, farmers-herders clashes, killings in the central sections of the country, much of these have been subdued. The problem of sabotage of oil installations in the South-South has been managed up to this point.

“Challenges of banditry, kidnappings have arisen in so many parts of the country including the South-West. Today, South-West is perhaps the safest part of this country.

“The challenges are epicentred around parts of Kebbi, Sokoto, Zamfara, Katsina and Kaduna States. Much of it (insecurity) has been rid of in Kaduna. Katsina is a lot safer today than it was two years. Zamfara is dealing with problems –kinetic and non-kinetic.

“The point is that the problems as they arise are being confronted head-on by the competent administration of a military that is loyal, a police (force) that is loyal, intelligence agencies that are efficient.”

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