Nigerian Law School Admission Requirements

Every applicant to the Nigerian Law School must meets its admission requirements to be accepted, including tuition fees and required undergraduate courses

Studying law in Nigeria can be quite expensive  when compared with what it costs abroad.

But given the economic difficulties the country is facing the authorities ought to have done something to lessen the financial burden of attending the law school borne by all law school aspirants. But it remains to be seen if that call would be headed.

The cost of attending the Nigerian Law School stands at N295, 000 Naira ($756)  and if we throw in the living expenses for the year-long program and other incidental expenses, the sum could rise to nearly half a million Naira.

That is a huge amount of money considering the fact that students don’t spend anything near that amount in getting their 5 year LLB In Nigeria.

I suspect that the mammoth law school tuition fees may have been conceived to act as a bottle neck to discourage the influx of people in the legal profession.

With that said, let’s highlight the Nigerian Law School requirements in the ensuing paragraphs.

Nigerian Law School Requirement

To be eligible to be admitted into the one-year compulsory law school training, you must have successfully completed a law undergraduate degree (in this case an LLB or its equivalent).

The courses offered at the Nigerian Law School include Criminal Litigation, Civil Litigation, Property Law Practice, Corporate Law Practice and Law in Practice (ethics and skills).

Cost of Attending the Nigerian Law School

The cost of attending the Nigerian Law School has been fairly stable over the years and the figures relied on here are based on the fees charged in previous sessions. They are categorized into fees for Nigerians and those for foreigners.

For Nigerians
Tuition N10,000
Hostel Accommodation N30,000
Hostel Caution Deposit N10,000
Term Dinners N12,000
Cocktails N8,000
Library Development N30,000
Sports & Recreational Facilities N5,000
The Nigerian Law & Practice Journal N7,000
Examination Bar Part II N25,000
Course Materials N20,000
Development Levy N20,000
Student Year Book N4,000
Identity Card N1,000
Postages by Courier N2,000
Medical Registration N10,000
V-Sat and Info Tech N30,000
Insurance N5,000
E-Handbook (CD-ROM) N3,000
Facilities Maintenance N33,000
Quality Assurance N15,000
Security Services N15,000
Total: N295,000

For Foreigners

In the case of foreigners seeking admission at the Nigerian Law School, they are equally mandated to pay the same amount for every item on the above list with the exception of tuition for the Bar II and the fees for the Bar II exam.

For the Bar II tuition, foreigners are required to pay $2, 500 dollars (N900,000 naira) as against the $30 dollars (N10,000 naira) levied on Nigerians.

As for the Bar Part II exam fees, foreigners are to pay the total sum of $500.00 dollars.

In total, foreigners are to pay $3,000 dollars (N1million naira) plus an additional $720 dollars (N260,000 naira) compared to $816 dollars (N295,000 naira) Nigerians are to pay in total.

Update: Guys, I just gathered that a lot of you are planning on attending the Nigerian Law School this year.

But it appears from the messages I’ve been getting that some of you would like to have more information about the admission process.

I’d like to assist you all in whatever small way I can. So you can direct whatever inquiries you have to me by reaching me on the following email address: [email protected] 

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