Buhari: I’m Not Satisfied with Economy

*Says We’ll Deal With Those Financing Terrorism
*Says Nigerians Should Be Fair To My Administration

President Muhammadu Buhari says his government is doing its best to invite foreign investors into the country.

The president said this amid the outrage over the ban that his administration slammed on Twitter.

Exactly a week ago, the Buhari administration suspended the operations of Twitter indefinitely over alleged interference.

The US authorities had warned that such move could scare away investors but the Nigerian government maintained its stance.

But speaking during an interview with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) on Friday, the president said he is doing his best to woo foreign investors.

Asked if he was satisfied with the state of the economy, he said, “No, I’m not. That is why I am trying even harder to make people accountable and persuade some countries to allow their multi-national companies to develop more confidence in Nigeria and come and invest.

“When they develop more confidence in Nigeria they will come and invest. That will give us employment opportunities and provide us with goods and services.”

He also said those financing all acts of terrorism in the country will be dealt with.

Buhari stated this while responding to a question during an exclusive interview with NTA.

He said those financing terrorism feels irrelevant, hence they are using their resources to show off.

While he called on the Nigerian elites to be patient and fair to his administration. He said that time was needed for the efforts put in place by his administration to secure the country to start yielding visible results.

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